Riot Moves Monday Night League of Legends to Fridays

Professional League of Legends games were aired on Monday nights throughout the last split with [...]

Professional League of Legends games were aired on Monday nights throughout the last split with the unveiling of "Monday Night League," but Riot is now moving those games to a different date. Instead of having those games on Mondays, Riot said it'll now have "Friday Night League" in the Monday event's place. This means that there will still be a full three days of League of Legends matches from the LCS teams during the weekend, but the two games played on the atypical day will now ease players into the weekend instead of capping off the main days of games.

Riot announced its decision to move the Monday Night League to Fridays this week and said that the change will be in effect starting with the Summer Split. Fridays during that part of the competitive season will see two different LCS games played at the start of the weekend with four games each planned for Saturday and Sunday.

For those who want to still compact their League viewing experiences into just two days, you'll be able to catch the rebroadcasts of the Friday games before the matches take place on Saturday.

"We believe having two high-stakes games on Fridays will better set the stage and the tone for the weekend," Riot said. "In addition, we believe a Friday lineup will better satisfy the needs of fans across multiple time zones. Our East Coast and European fans may be more free to stay up late Friday night to tune in live, or catch-up on the games Saturday morning, as we'll rebroadcast the Friday games before the LEC begins."

Riot said these Friday games and the show built around them will have a "distinct tone and style." These nights will also serve as the "test kitchen for new segments and content," so expect to see things done a bit differently during those events.

These plans are set to be in place during the 2020 Summer Split as well as the 2021 Spring Split.

The 2020 Summer Split is scheduled to begin on June 12th which happens to be a Friday, so we'll see the new Friday Night League kick off the start of that split next month. The first two matches will be 100 Thieves vs. Evil Geniuses followed by FlyQuest taking on Cloud9.