Rocket League Releases New Details on Blueprint System

The release of Blueprints in Rocket League is drawing nearer when Crates will be removed from the game to make way for this new loot system. Once these new Blueprints arrive, players will be able to trade them with others for various items just as they could in the pre-Blueprint era of Rocket League. Psyonix released some new details about these Blueprints this week to inform players how they'd work and of the restrictions placed on some trades.

Psyonix first revealed its plans for the Blueprints in a post from October that confirmed these would replace the lootboxes known as "Crates" that have been in place in the game. After completing online matches, players will have a chance to earn these Blueprints that can then be turned into whatever item they depict, so that means there's no more guesswork involved. Get the Blueprint, see the item, pay the price of however many Credits it costs, and you get the loot.

This transition to Blueprints will happen in a December update, but anyone who has a stash of Crates right now doesn't have to worry about opening them all up before the change happens. Those Crates will become "unrevealed" Blueprints that'll show players what they'd create, but this will be the only time unrevealed Blueprints are seen.

"As we mentioned in the first blog on Blueprints, Crates that you have in your inventory at the time of the update will be converted to Blueprints from the same series," Psyonix said. "Any Blueprints that you receive from this conversion will appear in your inventory as 'unrevealed' Blueprints. You can reveal an unrevealed Blueprint at no cost to show what in-game item it can build. Once revealed, you can choose to create the item from that Blueprint for Credits. Only Blueprints that have been converted from Crates will be unrevealed."

Blueprints can also be traded in most cases with the exception of some circumstances that would prevent that. The breakdown below shows what's tradeable and what's not.


  • Revealed Blueprints
  • Items that have been built from Blueprints
  • Credits (As long as the other party in the trade does not include their own Credits)
  • Free Drops
  • Tradable legacy content acquired prior to the Blueprint system
  • Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers
  • In-game event items

Not Tradeable

  • Credits when traded for Credits
  • Credits when traded for nothing
  • Unrevealed Blueprints
  • Items purchased from the Item Shop
  • Bonus Gifts and Items received from Bonus Gifts (more on that below)
  • Esports Shop Items

Rocket League's new Blueprints will arrive in a December game update.