Sega Genesis Classic Sonic 3D Blast Getting A Director’s Cut 21 Years After Its Release

It’s kind of funny how some fans are keeping classic games alive by adding their own mods or [...]


It's kind of funny how some fans are keeping classic games alive by adding their own mods or little touches to it. But the treatment of a particular Sega Genesis classic, Sonic 3D Blast, is getting a bit more attention, mainly because one of the game's original team members is doing a little more work on it.

Jon Burton had been working over at Travellers' Tales since 1989, handling many projects, including Sonic 3D Blast when it released for Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn in the mid-90's, as well as various Lego games today, like the just-released Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. And he's been tinkering away at Blast, adding some new features in the form of a "director's cut" with some added features, which will be uploaded in a patch, presumably for the PC version of the game.

As you can see in the trailer below, the "director's cut" will come with a number of additions. These include gameplay tweaks, the debut of Super Sonic in the game, a Time Challenge Mode, revised handling, a better camera system that doesn't "drift off," a level editor, a password system, and a better set-up with the HUD and collisison detection. Other options and palettes will be included as well.

"Because Sonic 3D is part of the Sonic legacy, and Sonic has had a mixed legacy, I'd like to address, where I can, my part in that," said Burton, speaking with Gamesbaet. "If I can make Sonic 3D a bit more acceptable to the Sonic fanbase with a few days of my time, then great, why not try it?

There's no word yet on when the patch will be available, but we'll certainly keep tabs on it. Hopefully, 3D Blast will fare a little better this time around, as it won't be going up against Super Mario 64 (though Odyssey is dwelling out there, isn't it?).