Star Wars: Unlimited Reveals Chewbacca and Wookiee Shadows of the Galaxy Cards (Exclusive)

Get your first look at the new Chewbacca and Let The Wookiee Win cards from Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Unlimited Set 2

Star Wars: Unlimited will deliver its much anticipated second set Shadows of the Galaxy later this summer, delivering a host of new ways to experience the game and ways to shake up your current favorite decks. That includes the introduction of more Wookiees into the lineup, and ComicBook has your exclusive first look at two new Wookiee cards from the set, including everyone's favorite Wookiee warrior Chewbacca. Both cards, which can be seen below, will be invaluable for players, but especially those who want to build a Wookiee-focused deck, which is now fully possible. Check out all the details on Chewbacca and the new Trick Event card Let The Wookiee Win below.

Let's tackle Chewbacca first, which is the third appearance of the character in Unlimited. This version is a blue aspect, but thanks to the new Smuggle keyword, you can actually alter that to a red aspect if that benefits you more. Chewbacca also has Grit, and that will be a huge asset when you consider that Chewie comes equipped with a whopping 10 health.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

Then there's the added bonus of his takedown effect, which means you can defeat a unit with 5 or less remaining HP. Even that gets better though when you consider that it's a when played effect. Now, he is pricey at an 8 cost, and his Smuggle cost is one higher at 9, but you get a lot for that cost, and he can be a true juggernaut in the end game turns.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

The second card is an Event card titled Let The Wookiee Win, and this one looks to be one of the best values in the new set. The yellow aspect card gives your opponent two options, as they can either have you ready up to 6 resources or ready a friendly unit. If that unit is a Wookiee unit though, you can not only attack with the unit, but it also gets a +2 attack. Those are both great options for the person who played the card, but the best thing about it all is that this card only has a cost of 2, meaning there's very little reason not to include it in your deck, even if it's not built solely around Wookiees.

These two new cards play extremely well with the other new Wookiee additions in Shadows of the Galaxy, and overall these new additions are quite versatile. Several aren't even tied to two aspects, allowing you plenty of freedom in where to utilize them. That includes the excellent Wookiee Warrior, which gives you Grit and the ability to draw a card if you have another Wookiee unit. Then there's Tarfful, who is another beast with 9 health and Restore 2, and has the ability to then return damage inflicted if he is still standing after an attack.

There are also two cards that are specific to blue and yellow, including the Wroshyr Tree Tender (blue) and the Fugitive Wookiee (yellow). While these cards don't have some of the more expansive abilities that the other cards do, they are solid values and coupled with other Wookiee keyword cards can be quite effective. You can check out those cards below as well.

Star Wars: Unlimited – Shadows of the Galaxy Details

Shadows of the Galaxy will contain over 250 cards, lining up with Spark of Rebellion, though the new cards will give players even more to sink their teeth into thanks to new mechanics like Bounty, Capture, and Smuggle. There will also be a Two-Player Starter set for fans to pick up, and this time around the starter set will feature The Mandalorian and Moff Gideon. Those decks will bring their own strengths and weaknesses just like Luke and Vader did, and new cards like Phase-III Dark Trooper, Gideon's Light Cruiser, and of course, Grogu will only make their skill set more formidable.

The Shadows of the Galaxy set for Star Wars: Unlimited is available for pre-order now at your local game store.

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