Super Nintendo World: Mario Kart Images and Website Video Surface Online

What appears to be a designer's video of the upcoming official Super Nintendo World website has surfaced online, and it shows off a new look at the theme park's Mario Kart attraction that both answers several questions and poses yet more. If it's official, that is. As of right now, the official Super Nintendo World website is a bare-bones experience that isn't really designed for consumers looking to visit the physical place.

The website video was reportedly discovered over on Vimeo, though it has since been removed. Copies are already circulating online, however, and especially on Twitter. While brief, it basically shows how to navigate the Super Nintendo World website, complete with several different animations and renders. A series of images of the Mario Kart attraction scroll by in a gallery at one point, implying that the ride features some kind of augmented-reality integration.

As always with this sort of thing, take the video with a grain of salt. There's no telling if it is official or even when we might get confirmation that it is. Even so, if it is really something a fan made, it is impressively done and thoroughly crafted to seem real. At this point, it seems unclear whether Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan will still open this year. It has reportedly been delayed from the original Summer 2020 window thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected to eventually launch as part of all Universal Studios theme parks sans Beijing, though construction has been delayed indefinitely on some of those. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming theme park right here.

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