Super Nintendo World Construction Indefinitely Delayed By Universal Studios Orlando

Nintendo fans looking forward to Super Nintendo World's 2023 opening at Universal Studios Orlando will have a longer wait than previously anticipated. During Comcast's Second Quarter 2020 Earnings Conference Call, the company announced that construction has been postponed indefinitely on the "Epic Universe" section of the park. Super Nintendo World will be part of that construction. Naturally, the delay can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, which has had a significant impact on theme park business over the last few months. The opening of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan was set to take place this summer, but has also been postponed due to the pandemic.

"As is typical in past downturns, the road back will be gradual and bumpy, but I'm confident that this business will return to its historical levels of financial performance," said NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell. "In the meantime, we are continually adjusting our cost base and capital spend, including pausing development of our Epic Universe project in Florida, for example, until the future becomes more certain."

While the news is unsurprising, it will likely still come as a disappointment for Nintendo fans. Universal has revealed little about the Orlando version of the park, but Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan is set to feature a ride based on Mario Kart, as well as Power Up bands that will allow visitors to collect "coins" throughout the park. For Nintendo fans, it certainly sounds like a must-see attraction!

The pandemic has caused quite a few headaches for Nintendo fans. In addition to Super Nintendo World's troubles, it appears that development on the company's first-party games also may have been impacted. While Nintendo Switch games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, New Pokemon Snap, and Metroid Prime 4 have been announced, the company has no confirmed first-party release dates for the rest of the year. Paper Mario: The Origami King released late last month, but fans are left wondering what titles will see release on the system this holiday season.

Until the global situation changes, Nintendo fans will just have to be patient. In the meantime, you can check out all of our previous coverage of the Super Nintendo World attraction right here.


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