Telltale Games Discusses Disappointment With Its Game Engine

The Walking Dead

While Telltale Games has had no trouble telling compelling stories with games like its recently released The Walking Dead: The Final Season, there are some fans that believe their game engine hasn't nearly evolved as much. In fact, many have complained that it simply hasn't grown the way they expected; as a result, a lot of games don't look nearly as good as they could have.

But the publisher is aware of that. While speaking with Eurogamer at Gamescom this week, Telltale executive producer Brodie Anderson didn't hold back when it came to talking about the age of its engine.
"I will say we certainly, I think, have let players down in the past a little bit, just in terms of our engine's technology...we're always pleased to innovate and maybe in the previous season we didn't do enough of that," he said.

The team has slowed down its game release process over the last year. After releasing Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Walking Dead related games last year, it's gone to just The Final Season for this year, and doesn't really have much planned aside from that, save for The Wolf Among Us Season 2.

"There hasn't been as many products in the marketplace this year compared to previous which has allowed us to focus more and move to more of working on one game at a time with a dedicated team," said Anderson.

With the focus more on quantity instead of quality over the course of its many releases last year, Anderson noticed a trend that didn't exactly sit well with the publisher. "We know we ran a little hot in previous years and weren't able to fully deliver the experiences we may have wanted to, so that was important to focus in on a polished quality experience players love. We took that to heart before the development of this season and this team is excited about it," he said.


But the team appears to be taking more time on its projects now; and hopefully between Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us Season 2, we'll see its best stuff come to light once more.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.