The Last of Us Part II Trailer, Release Date Rumored to Be Revealed This Week

On top of other PlayStation news pertaining to this week, it looks as though we might be getting a new trailer for The Last of Us Part II sometime soon. Not only will the trailer be revealed, according to the rumors, we’ll also be getting a release date for Naughty Dog’s game. Sony of course hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but the reveal of a new The Last Of Us Part II trailer alone would add to an already busy week, not to mention a release date actually being unveiled.

News of the potential reveals for the PlayStation exclusive that follows The Last of Us come from two different sites, and Legion De Jugadores (via Twitter user Nibellion). Both of them claim to have sources familiar with Sony’s plans for The Last of Us Part II, and both are saying that there will be a trailer coming this week. The latter suggests that a release date for the game could also be announced while the former seems more sure of this information and says that will indeed happen and that Sony is preparing to set the release date for the game this week.

There have been all sorts of rumors and hints about The Last of Us Part II over the past few weeks, so seeing those culminate in a trailer and finally a release date will be welcome news for those who’ve been waiting on the sequel. Some rumors have suggested that the game will be out in September, and seems to think along those lines too by saying the game will be out in Fall 2019. We also know from Naughty Dog that the developer has been hiring additional staff to help close out the development of the game. Whatever the release date might actually be, we at least know that the game and other big PlayStation exclusives will be released for the PlayStation 4.

If the trailer and release date are indeed coming this week, it’ll be a busy few days for Sony. A Death Stranding reveal has already been teased for May 29th which means that Sony might be dropping not one, but two huge reveals in the same week. Sony hasn’t announced plans to have another State of Play stream yet, and it already had one this month, but perhaps it’ll do without and just drop the trailers anyway.

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