The Last of Us Part II: Major Spoilers Are Starting to Leak

Last month, fans of The Last of Us were upset to hear that the game's sequel was given an indefinite delay by Sony and Naughty Dog, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Fans immediately asked both the publisher and developer to release The Last of Us Part II as an early digital release, but director Neil Druckmann explained that the team wanted a global, physical release in order to prevent spoilers for those without strong internet connections. Unfortunately, it seems that spoilers for the game are already starting to make their way around the internet. A recent Reddit post detailed multiple spoilers from the game, with links to video from the title. Reddit's legal team has since removed the post, but the spoilers can be found on social media with little difficulty.

Fans should note that the spoilers are fairly significant, and point towards key elements of the game's plot. The entire incident is certainly frustrating for fans, and will likely make requests for an early digital release for the game even louder. Of course, it should be noted that Druckmann has never closed the door on an early digital release. It's entirely possible that this incident could spur Sony and Naughty Dog to do just that, in order to prevent further spoilers from making the rounds.

The details and footage were apparently leaked by a former employee of Naughty Dog. It's impossible to say for certain which of these details are real, but the footage itself is very clearly from the game. For those wishing to avoid spoilers, be sure to stop reading, following this paragraph.


In the leaked video, Ellie walks into a room to see Joel on the ground, as an enemy repeatedly hits Joel with a golf club. Joel still appears to be alive in the scene, but in very bad shape, as blood pools around him. Another clip seems to show Ellie discussing Joel's death, but some fans have pointed out that Ellie's appearance in both of these videos confirms that these scenes takes place early in the game, while officially released footage of Joel appears to show the character later in the game. As such, it's possible that these videos are authentic, but they're being framed in a way that leads some to assume the worst. There are also rumors of Ellie's death, as well, but both should be considered rumors, at this time.

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