Leaked The Last of Us TV Show Footage Leaves Fans With Questions

As scenes from HBO's The Last of Us show continue to be filmed, we've seen the occasional leak here and there to show some unofficial, behind-the-scenes look at the progress made on the TV series. One of those leaks which happened recently pointed directly to a scene from the game, so it was easy to see what the goal was there, but another leak that's happened just this week has left people with questions about what worldbuilding may take place within the show.

That scene in question can be seen below courtesy of TheLastofUsTV, a Twitter account dedicated to these sorts of leaks and really anything else interesting about the show. The Twitter account shared a video which itself came from a TikTok account called hbosthelastofus. The scene filmed in Calgary shows a convoy of vehicles surrounded by a crowd that's apparently chanting "freedom" and is crying out against the Federal Disaster Response Agency, a faction from The Last of Us better recognized simply as "FEDRA."

Given the organized nature of the group in the clip and their anti-FEDRA chants, it appears that this is supposed to be a scene showing the Hunters, an antagonistic faction from the first game mainly located in Pittsburgh. Joel and Ellie encounter the group on their journey during a memorable scene where the group tries to trick the pair by feigning an injury to make Joel pull over.

The catch here is that by the time Joel and Ellie encounter these people, they've already pushed FEDRA out of the city and have been in control for a while. As such, there's little reason there would be an active protest in the streets of Pittsburgh if FEDRA was already on its way out of the equation.

So, what's being shown in this clip then? Replies to the leaked clip have suggested that perhaps this is a flashback showing what happened previously whenever the Hunters were rising up against FEDRA to claim the area for their own. Others have suggested that perhaps this scene depicts a different version of Pittsburgh Joel and Ellie will encounter, one where the Hunters' control over the city is not quite established yet with the area being more of a "war zone" instead of one faction totally controlling it. If it's the latter that's happening here, that'd be a notable change from how The Last of Us played out, though not one that'd be out of line with the chaos of the series franchise itself.


HBO's The Last of Us series does not yet have a release date.