This YouTuber Created Her Own Super Mario Odyssey T. Rex Amiibo

Nintendo’s line-up of Amiibos is pretty impressive to say the least, and it’s adding a bunch [...]

Nintendo's line-up of Amiibos is pretty impressive to say the least, and it's adding a bunch of new ones over the course of the year, including ones for Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and more. But that isn't stopping some savvy creators from making their own custom models. And a savvy YouTuber has managed to make her own, based on a character featured in the new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay footage.

If you recall, a realistic T. Rex pops up, but Mario manages to take control of it by throwing his buddy, the living cap that calls itself Cappy, on its head. Well, GandaKris managed to create her own T. Rex Amiibo, and also provided a step-by-step breakdown on how she put it together. If you can get your own supplies gathered, and have a little time on your hands, there's no reason why you can't make your own.

The YouTube video, which can be seen above, breaks down a number of steps in terms of making this custom Amiibo, and it's an overall very impressive job. Again, you'll need a good artistic touch to put it together, and have the Amiibo base made just right so that your T. Rex can sit comfortably on it, but, yeah, this would look great in anyone's collection.

Meanwhile, you can stomp around with a real T. Rex in the game when Super Mario Odyssey hits Nintendo Switch on October 27th.