Watch Dogs 3's First Gameplay and Story Details Reportedly Revealed

watch dogs 3
(Photo: Ubisoft)

A new Watch Dogs 3 rumor has surfaced that not only claims Ubisoft will reveal the game this month and release it this November, but also comes packing some story and gameplay details. Now, as you may know, reports and rumors of Watch Dogs 3 first started popping up earlier this year. At the time, it was claimed the game would be set in London, England and would release sometime this year. This lines up with what I've personally heard about the game. However, that's about where the details dried up.

That all said, this new rumor claims players will play as Sarah, a young, half-Asian woman who works for a counter-terrorist organization that specializes in thwarting cyber attacks. In the game, Sarah is tasked with infiltrating a big hacker group, and then, from the inside, finding out who's in charge and then bringing the whole thing down.

Interestingly, unlike the previous two games, there will be no lethal weapons. Rather players will use non-lethal weapons like batons and teasers. Of course, as a result, stealth will be a bigger part of the game.

Meanwhile, the parkour of Watch Dogs 2 is set to return, but it has been revised to be more fluid and natural. Meanwhile, there will be skateboarding to an extent and also the ability to do graffiti. Additionally, side missions including shutting down drug dens and operations. Apparently Sarah's brother died from overdosing, and thus she has a strong passion to stop the prevalence of drugs. There's also some type of civil unrest/mob mechanics that allow you to either take place in riots or shut them down.

The game is set in London, but not modern day London. Rather, it will be set in the near future and have a more cyberpunk feel to it than previous games.


And that's about all the new rumor alleges. Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. While we know Watch Dogs 3 is a thing, likely releasing this year, and almost certainly set in London, the rest of these details have not been echoed anywhere else.

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