Even The Best Can't Beat World Of Warcraft Legion's Final Boss


With the next expansion for the long-standing MMORPG, World of Warcraft, on the horizon, it's time to begin closing out the epic chapter of the present content found in Legion. With the latest raid in full force, many players thought it was going to be "ez gg," but it turns out - it's not gg, it's bg ... or at least, it's a lot harder than players were originally anticipating. With the top guild competitors all racing to be the first to claim victory, they are finding Argus the Unmaker to be a one tough boss.

At the time of this article, no one has successfully taken out the boss yet - but many well-known teams are trying! As is common with raids, Antorus, The Burning Throne opens in phases. Here's a quick and easy guide to help, but below are the full phases available for the latest in-game event.

  • Tues Nov 28 (NA) / Wed Nov 29 (EU) - Normal and Heroic difficulties Open
  • Tues Dec 5 (NA) / Wed Dec 6 (EU) - Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 - Light's Breach
  • Tues Dec 19 (NA) / Wed Dec 20 (EU) - Raid Finder Wing 2 - Hope's End
  • Tues Jan 2 (NA) / Wed Jan 3 (EU) - Raid Finder Wing 3 - Forbidden Descent
  • Tues Jan 16 (NA) / Wed Jan 17 (EU) - Raid Finder Wing 4 - Seat of the Pantheon

As per Wowhead:


"Antorus represents the center and source of the Legion's power, and the team approached the design of the zone with several principles in mind. First off, Antorus is staggering in scale; this is not a mere terrestrial fortress or keep, but rather a sprawling complex carved into the depths of a shattered world, and while sections of the raid are traversable on foot, players will use the Vindicaar and other means of conveyance to span the great distances involved. Second, this is the culmination of a military campaign by the Army of the Light and our other major allies in this fight, and player champions represent the tip of the spear with an army at their back. As you carve a path through Antorus, a pitched battle rages all around you, and your actions help advance the cause of the Light in this battle for the fate of all worlds. And finally, we get a rare chance to delve into the Legion's true origins—before the Fel, and before black and green corruption, there was a single mighty titan who embarked upon a crusade that would shape the fate of the universe. A glimpse of those ancient secrets awaits the bold and daring souls who venture into the innermost depths of Antorus."

Many teams are taking to social media to show their progress, but with the reset ... many are finding the need to regroup when they face all of the previously beaten bosses once more. We'll see who takes the victory and who can be the first to take out Argus himself.