Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Get New Day One Release

Xbox Game Pass subscribers across console, PC, and cloud platforms have today received a new game on the first day of its release. For the past year or so, Microsoft has made a concentrated effort to bring notable third-party titles to Game Pass on the same day as their general releases. And while Xbox Game Pass is rumored to be getting more sparse with these additions in the final months or 2022, that hasn't prevented a new game from Sega now coming about. 

As of today, Xbox Game Pass members can look to download and play Two Point Campus for themselves. The follow-up to Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus is a business strategy sim that will let players create their own university that students will then attend. Essentially, Two Point Campus has a lot in common with other titles such as SimCity, Age of EmpiresCities: Skylines, Surviving Mars, and many others. And while games of this style are typically most associated with PC, Two Point Campus is also available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

As mentioned, the most notable thing about Two Point Campus coming to Xbox Game Pass is that today is the game's general release on all platforms as well. Sadly, this might be one of the final third-party day-one releases on Game Pass for the remainder of the year if a recent rumor proves to be true. While games like A Plague Tale: Requiem, Scorn, and Atomic Heart are all slated to land on Game Pass this year, there's a chance that no other titles that haven't already been confirmed for the subscription platform will be added right at launch. Still, that shouldn't keep Xbox Game Pass from continuing to receive high-quality games in the coming months. 

If you'd like to learn more about Two Point Campus, you can find an official description attached below. 

"Build the university of your dreams with Two Point Campus, the sim with a twist from the makers of Two Point Hospital. Build, hire staff and run an academic institution packed with wild courses.

It's time to spin academia on its head! Got a yearning for learning? Or just keen to build an educational masterpiece? Campus is jam-packed with new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams.

For the first time, build in the great outdoors as you develop your own delightfully educational campus environment, housing the top teaching facilities in the land. Whether you prefer building on simple foundations, or placing every tree, you can build the university you want."