Xbox One Boss Promises More Investment in PC Gaming in 2019

The future of Xbox doesn't look like it will be in hardware, but in software, which is why [...]

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(Photo: Microsoft)

The future of Xbox doesn't look like it will be in hardware, but in software, which is why Microsoft has been pushing Xbox Game Pass so hard, and has expressed bringing it to as many platforms as possible. In the pursuit of this, Microsoft has fully embraced PC gaming, and according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, Microsoft is going to continue to invest in this area in 2019.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Phil Spencer reiterated that Microsoft is committed to PC gaming via the Windows 10 Store, which will manifest in tangible investments in the space in 2019.

"While we are proud of our PC gaming heritage, we've made some mistakes along our journey," said Spencer. "We know we have to move forward, informed by our past, with the unique wants, needs and challenges of the PC player at the center of decisions we make. I know we've talked quite a bit over time about what we want to deliver for the player on PC, but at E3 this year, and throughout 2019, you'll begin to see where we've been investing to deliver across Store, services, in Windows and in great games. It's just the beginning."

It's interesting to hear Spencer namedrop E3 specifically. Many suspect Microsoft will reveal its new generation of Xbox consoles at the show, so it seems like a weird place to also rep PC gaming in a big way. Perhaps it's just generic PR speak though.

Whatever the case, the more Xbox expands into PC gaming, the more it undersells the consoles it makes. However, as mentioned above, it's pretty clear that Spencer and co. aren't worried about eating into their console sales if they're making it up and then some on the software and subscription side, which, if you don't know, is where platform holders make a bulk of their revenue to begin with.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know there. Will Microsoft's further investment in PC gaming pay off, or just continue to undermine the Xbox brand?