New Harry Potter Advent Calendars Are Stuffed with Toys, Jewelry, and Accessories


The Harry Potter advent calendars from Funko are big sellers, but 24 days of mini Pop figures might get a little repetitive. If you're looking for some real surprises, there are four new options to choose from that come loaded with a random assortment of toys, jewelry, and accessories.

Now, we don't want to spoil the surprises, but that's difficult to do with some of these because the product pages lay out many of the items so you have some idea about what you're getting into. That having been said, it's pretty clear that the Hogwarts advent calendar ($39.99 with free shipping slated for October) and the Christmas in the Wizarding World advent calendar ($52.99 with free shipping slated for November) are the most popular of the bunch.

Beyond those two calendars, you'll find this Harry Potter jewelry-themed advent calendar ($62.99 with free shipping slated for September), and the Harry Potter Infinity Box advent calendar ($99.99 with free shipping slated for September). The jewelry calendar is pretty straightforward, but the infinity box is definitely the most unique and mysterious calendar of the set. The official descriptions for each of the Harry Potter advent calendars can be found below (there are spoilers of course). Keep in mind that quantities are limited, so grab your favorite version before they go on backorder.

Harry Potter: I’d Rather Stay At Hogwarts This Christmas Advent Calendar: Opening a door could reveal anything from a set a of playing cards, gadget decals, various notebooks, pencils and erasers to make your Christmas even more memorable. When Christmas is over, the calendar turns into a cool door hanger that says ‘Gone to Hogwarts’. The calendar also contains a Harry Potter Wand Pen which is in the exact design of Harry’s own wand from the movies!

Harry Potter: Christmas In The Wizarding World Advent Calendar: Includes 24 gifts with exclusive products (Magic socks, pencil, badge pin, crests, bracelet, phone stickers, roll tape, sticky notes, kid stamps, charm with chain, magnets, bandana, keychain, pins, eraser, sharpener, tattoos).

Harry Potter Jewelry Advent Calendar: Filled with a magical collection of beads, charms, and earrings.


Harry Potter: Magic Infinity Box Advent Calendar: Discover the magic inside! 24 magical items await inside this unique, rotating box. From exclusive plush toys, to reusable bags, to pin badges, there’s something inside for every Harry Potter fan!

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