The Death Stranding Collector's Edition is Down to $99


Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding got one of the weirdest Collector's Edition releases ever when the game launched on the PlayStation 4 this past November. It includes a Bridges cargo case, a steelbook cover for the game, the Death Stranding soundtrack, a Ludens keychain, and loads of in-game items. However, the crown jewel of the collection is definitely the creepy life-size bridge baby pod statue.

If you passed on the Collector's Edition when it was $199.99, you might want to reconsider now that it can be ordered for only $99.99 - especially now that the game has photo mode. At the time of writing, the deal can be had via the following retailers (note that Amazon will likely ship slower due to prioritizing essentials during the coronavirus outbreak).


If the Collector's Edition is still more than you're willing to spend, note that the Special Edition of the game with the SteelBook case can be had for only $39.99 at the moment. That deal is available via the links below.

"The nucleus of Death Stranding is its slow burning story that brews classic sci-fi with old weird fiction on top of foundational ideas and perspectives redolent of writers and visionaries like Kobo Abe and Franz Kafka," reads a snippet from our review of the game. "Similar to Metal Gear Solid, the story of Death Stranding is a complicated multi-layered narrative that will make you feel lost, but never loses you, and pays back your patience with mind-shattering revelations and remarkable interweaving of personal, intimate moments with an exploration of life’s biggest questions. And the vehicle to all of this is Kojima’s signature style of storytelling, which evokes his past work, but also evolves it.

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