Funko's DC Comics Red Hood Pop Figure Exclusive is Live


Up to this point, Funko released two Pop figures based on DC Comics' Red Hood (aka Jason Todd) - a 2018 SDCC exclusive that currently fetches high prices on eBay and a 2020 SDCC exclusive Red Hood vs Deathstroke Comic Moment that you can grab here on Amazon for $33.97. Now a third Red Hood Pop figure has entered the game. Once again, it's an exclusive that will likely end up on eBay with a high price before long.

Funko's DC Comics Red Hood Jason Todd Pop figure is a Pop In a Box exclusive that you can order right here for $12.99 with shipping slated for January. It's part of a series of PIAB exclusives that you'll be able to find right here on November 13th, 20th, and 27th at 9am PST (12pm EST).

The Red Hood Pop figure features the character's classic comic book look with the red helmet, grey armor, and brown jacket. The pose and costume have been slightly altered when compared to the original SDCC version. This version also features clenched fists instead of guns.

Speaking of Red Hood, you'll be seeing the character in Season 3 of the Titans series when it debuts on HBO Max. You can take a sneak peek at Curran Walters' costume right here.

Before joining the world of live-action comic adaptations, Walters previously told he wasn't the world's largest comic book reader. Once he hopped in the role, however, he was hooked and couldn't get enough of the comics, especially those characters appearing in the Bat-Family, including the scarlet-themed Red Hood.

"I wasn't that too crazy into comics," he added. "I knew, of course, of Batman and Robin and all the other crazy famous characters. But as soon as I booked the role, I went out to the local comic book stores, and I got everything I could find on Jason's story, obviously to get kind of a feel for where the future of the character goes, if it goes that way. I watched the movie. I read all the comic books, and I got a feel for the character and where I needed to take it when I got on screen.

"You know, on the day, you have all this pressure of booking a comic book role, especially since the character's been around for so long. You feel a sort of pressure on you, but I just did my best, and I think I nailed the role, and all the fans are pretty happy with it. And one thing about the character too is like, I felt like in a way I did have to act, but I didn't. It's all how I am in person. I'm very energetic. I'm very just all over the place. So, half of it was like, 'Hey, that's just me' and half of it was, 'Oh, I got to act,' so. It was definitely awesome."


The first two seasons of Titans are now streaming on DC Universe. Titans Season Three has yet to receive a release date from HBO Max.

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