Harry Potter Hi-Top Sneakers Have Tons of Hogwarts House Style


Hot Topic's new Harry Potter Hogwarts house swimsuits will be fantastic for hitting the beach or the pool this summer, but we've discovered that they also have Harry Potter house hi-top sneakers that you can wear just about anywhere. We love the subtle but colorful plaid designs, and the inclusion of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw symbols mixed into the pattern is a nice touch. In case there was any doubt about where you've been sorted, the house name adorns the heel. What's more, all four designs are currently on sale for only $27.93 (30% off). You can order them via the links below.


Hot Topic also recently released a Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs design in purple that comes complete with the quote "Don't worry you're" on the right outsole and "Just as sane as I am." on the left. This shoe might be the nicest of the bunch, and you can grab it here for around $32 (20% off) when you use the code HT20 at checkout. You can also get a pair of matching socks for $6.90.


Speaking of Luna Lovegood, Hot Topic just dropped a pair of overalls with a lot of quirky Ravenclaw style. The design includes Spectrespecs, unicorns, and radishes with five pockets to hold all of your wands and copies of The Quibbler. You can order a pair here in both standard and plus sizes for $54.90 to $59.90 - again, you can save 20% off these prices when you use the code HT20 while the sale lasts.

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