Hasbro and ASICS Launch 'G.I. Joe' Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow Sneakers


Hasbro and footwear brand ASICS have teamed up to deliver a collection of limited edition G.I. Joe shoes inspired by Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. New Era and Hex also jumped into the fray with apparel and accessories that complement the sneakers. Now you know that a G.I. Joe fashion collection exists...and knowing is half the battle.

The other half of the battle is finding out where you can grab all of this new G.I. Joe gear. The answer to that question is right here at Foot Locker starting today, February 22nd. At the time of writing, the line is only minutes away from going live as a Foot Locker exclusive, and you'll want to grab a pair in your size as soon as possible (priced at $120). Sneaker collaborations like this tend to sell out quickly. The official description for the ASICS G.I. Joe sneakers reads:


"The line is inspired by an epic chapter in the G.I. Joe lore: the rivalry between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Once brothers in arms as part of the Arashikage Clan, they find themselves on opposing sides of the struggle between G.I. Joe and Cobra. Now Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes each adorn their own GEL-LYTE III shoe designed by world renowned pop artist Anderson Bluu. Uncompromising on style and comfort, the GEL-LYTE III boasts iconic and innovative design that wouldn't be complete without the split tongue and ASICS' famous GEL technology cushioning; a silicone-like material that effectively absorbs shock and protects the feet from high-impact strikes."


"The black Snake Eyes model features a crystal rubber outsole with a discovery element, premium emblem and reflective detailing with black leather; the model is elevated and modernized with custom art on the insert. The white Storm Shadow model features a crystal rubber outsole which masks the character beneath while the premium emblem detailing grounds the model in the story. Through the intertwining of story and design aesthetic the model is elevated and modernized with custom art on the insert. On the bottom of both shoe models is an iced outsole revealing Zartan – a shadowy figure who plays a key part in the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow story."


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