Hoverboard Doormat Takes Guests Back to the Future


Thanks to the hoverboard doormat, all of your guests will be transported Back to the Future (or Back to the Alternate Past of 2015 as it were) while they wait for someone to answer the door. Granted, it doesn't actually hover, and it's a bit chunkier than the movie version (more like one of those swimming boards), but it will do a decent job of cleaning shoes. Plus, the videos from your doorbell camera will probably be more interesting.

The official Back to the Future hoverboard doormat is available to pre-order here at Merchoid for $30.99 (price includes taxes and shipping) with a release date slated for July. Hopefully, the coronavirus situation will have settled down by then, and we can actually have people over to our homes again.


Speaking of unusual '80s-themed products for the home, the collectibles company NECA took over the Chia Pet brand back in 2018 and recently released classic "Weird Al" Yankovic version. The entire history of Chia Pets has been leading up to this moment.


The Weird Al Chia Pet is available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for $19.99 with shipping slated for July. When it arrives you can spread the seeds and, in only a few short weeks, your Weird Al Chia Pet will have a full head of '80s hair!

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