Itty Bitty Prettys, Zuru's New Surprise Toy Line, Launches With World Tea Party Day August 8

Zuru Toys, the company behind Metal Machines, Pets Alive, and Rainbocorns, among others, is launching a new product line -- surprise dolls called Itty Bitty Prettys -- with a global event called World Tea Party Day. Taking place tomorrow, the event has participants already planned on three continents in what the company is billing as an inclusive celebration of friendship and the perfect way to launch a toy line that encourages kids to modernize the traditional tea party by "celebrating the joy of true friendship, fun, and fashion" and launching a brand that "brings together characters from everywhere for the ultimate par-tea."

You can check out the brand page here, which gives details on just what the products are and what separates them from other blind-bag and surprise toys on the market. The World Tea Party Day event will include globally-accessible events on YouTube, which you can find through Zuru's channel or by going to and following along there.

Zuru's products skew fairly young, but older kids and adult collectors might recognize the brand from things like the Zuru Capsules, which incorporate brands like Frozen, Disney and Pixar's Cars franchise, Marvel superheroes, and Trolls. They also have fidget cubes and other more broadly all-ages toys.

Here's how the company describes their event, which kicks off tomorrow on YouTube and at the toy line's website:

"Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise A modern take on traditional tea party and doll play combined with the highly sought after surprise and collectability factor, the Itty Bitty Prettys are a squad of collectible fashion-forward, tea-loving, friendship-fostering characters of all backgrounds that come together for the ultimate par-tea.

(Photo: Zuru Toys)

"The Itty Bitty Prettys Giant Teacup Playset includes everything one needs to host the most epic tea party. Available in two surprise friendship themes each with two dolls, the respective themed playset features more than 25 surprises including a convertible table, spoon, working teacup and teapot, stylish accessories including shoes and jewelry, two Itty Bitty pets, dissolvable tea bags, fizzing 'sugar' cubes and more. Four dolls plus a rare Itty bitty Pretty can be found in the The Giant Teacup Playset.

(Photo: Zuru Toys)

"Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cup features 12 surprises and eight fabulous dolls to collect. The Little Tea Cup includes a working teacup, a saucer that also serves as a doll stand, an Itty Pretty doll, a swappable doll outfit and a set of stylish accessories including shoes, jewelry, eyewear and more. Additional tea party must-haves include a magic teabag, fizzing cube, cotton candy dough and more."


The larger Giant Teacup playset retails for $29.99. You can get it at Walmart, Target, and Amazon now, with other retailers to follow. The Little Tea Cup, with similar availability at Walmart, Target, and Amazon, retails at $9.99.

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