LEGO's Everyone Is Awesome LGBTQ+ Set Is On Sale Now


LEGO's first ever LGBTQ-themed set has launched today, June 1st in celebration of Pride Month 2021. The name of the 346-piece Everyone Is Awesome (40516) set was inspired by the song from the The LEGO Movie - a perfect fit for a design that's focused on a message of inclusivity.

You can order this historic LEGO set right here at for $34.99 while it lasts. The Everyone is Awesome set features a vibrant rainbow flag-style design complete with 11 minifigures that celebrate a broad range of people in the LGBTQIA+ community. It was created by LEGO's Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton, who provided a lot of insight into the project and its message. He writes:


"Design-wise, I love how bold yet simplistic the set is. It sends a powerful message, but it is also fun and quirky and doesn't take itself too seriously. We've made sure to include black and brown colors to represent the broad diversity of everyone within the LGBTQIA+ community. We've also added in the pale blue, white and pink to support and embrace the trans community as well. I purposely put the purple drag queen in as a clear nod to the fabulous side of the LGBTQIA+ community. I hope it's a joy to build and a joy to look at, and hopefully it will bring a lot of joy to people's lives."

Note that LEGO has quite a few big sets planned for release today. These sets include the general release of Friends The Apartments (10292) and the Spider-Man Daily Bugle (76178). Keep your eyes open for special deals and promotions for VIP members here at on the launch date.


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