Picard Star Trek: The Next Generation Facepalm Bust Returns As an SDCC 2020 Exclusive


San Diego Comic-Con 2020 was cancelled this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but the exclusives that were earmarked for the show are starting to make their way online. One of those exclusives is the Star Trek: The Next Generation Picard Facepalm Bust, which was originally sold as a ThinkGeek exclusive in 2018. The SDCC 2020 version appears to be slightly bigger than the original at 8-inches, and includes a modified right shoulder sculpt and a painted Starfleet insignia on the base.

Pre-orders for the Picard bust are available here at Entertainment Earth for $79.99 with free shipping slated for August. Note that the edition is limited to 1701 pieces, and the busts are individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Additional SDCC 2020 exclusives are available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth. At the time of writing the collection includes an Iron Giant deluxe action figure and a burning Godzilla statue. Expect more exclusives to turn up in that link in the coming days, so stay tuned.


The Picard facepalm bust is the perfect desk accessory for the times that we live in, but so is this adorable Dumpster Fire vinyl toy - and it's considerably cheaper. You can pre-order one here at Entertainment Earth for $22 with shipping slated for June. This toy has been selling through batches for some time now, so we suggest grabbing one before the date gets pushed out further.

The vinyl figure is based on a popular GIF and pin from artist Truck Torrence. It was originally released as expensive, super limited edition SDCC exclusive resin figure which can be had along with several vinyl variants here on eBay.

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