Super7's Voltron Deluxe Figure Gets a Metallic Deco and More Articulation


Super7's recently released Voltron: Defender of the Universe Deluxe 6-inch figure featured a great, classic '80s cartoon look and a solid build. It was also the kind of action figure that Voltron fans haven't seen in quite some time. There was a lot to like with the original figure, but some fans were a bit disappointed with the fairly limited articulation. That said, a new version has just been released that includes a few changes.

First off, the new version of the figure has a metallic, toy-specific deco with numbers on the limbs along with a vacuum metallized sword and shield. The legs, which were a particular area of concern on the original figure in terms of articulation, have also been reengineered to include a thigh swivel. So, you should be able to produce some better poses with this version.

Super7's Voltron Deluxe Toy Deco 6-Inch Action Figure is available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for $44.99 with shipping slated for October . Note that it doesn't transform - the team of lions are permanently joined as a standalone Voltron figure. The original figure can be had here on eBay.

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