Exclusive: The Dark Tower Blooper Reel Released

The Dark Tower brought one of Stephen King's most popular series to the big screen, but as this new blooper reel shows, it wasn't without a few mistakes along the way.

The film is headed to Blu-ray and DVD, but you can get an early look at some behind the scenes footage in our exclusive blooper reel. Most of the footage focuses on Roland (Idris Elba) and Jake (Tom Taylor), but Walter (Matthew McConaughey) does make an appearance.

You can view the whole reel in the clip above.

If the clip is any indication, it seems the cast had quite a bit of fun shooting the film, especially Elba and Taylor. That's one of the many reasons Elba would be up for another go-round in the Gunslinger's boots, though he would prefer the big screen.

“I think any TV series that is an offshoot from the film can have more time to explore some themes,” Elba said. “I’d personally prefer to do another Dark Tower film, exploring some more of the gunslinger — as a film.”

As for the Blu-ray and DVD of The Dark Tower, fans will find many special features on the disc, including an interview with Stephen King. The author revealed how he approaches the storyline, opting to just let the characters guide him along the way.

"To me, the story is this little red thread that's coming out of a hole in the wall," King said. "And you take that thread and you pull it, you pull it, you pull it, you pull it, because you want to see what's on the other end. You want to get it out of that hole, you want to see it, so that when I started The Dark Tower, I started it with that one line, 'The Man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed,'" the author admitted. "I had no idea where I was going from there. These characters come out, little by little, they fill in a picture of who they are and what they're gonna do and you fall in love with them."

The Dark Tower Blu-ray and Digital releases will include the following:

Deleted Scenes
Blooper Reel
A Look Through the Keyhole

Five Featurettes
“Last Time Around”
“The World Has Moved On…”
“The Man in Black”
“The Gunslinger in Action”
“Stephen King Inspirations”

The DVD will Include:
Blooper Reel

Two Featurettes:
“The Man in Black”
The Gunslinger in Action”

The 4K Ultra HD Includes:
Feature film presented with Dolby Vision high dynamic range and Dolby Atmos sound
Blu-ray with above bonus materials

Fans can pick up The Dark Tower on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD now.

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