'Stranger Things' Star Headed to Antarctica After Viral Tweet

Stranger Things star David Harbour's quest to dance with the penguins in Antarctica is finally happening.

Harbour boarded a Greenpeace ship on in London, England on Thursday headed to Antarctica where he will help the organization gather scientific evidence with the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary and, as promised, dance with penguins.

"Well, Greenpeace says the Weddell Sea and its surroundings are home to a precious ecosystem, vital to sustaining our future," Harbour said in a Greenpeace press release. "And that there's penguins there. And that I'll get to waddle around with them, discuss their parenting techniques with them and yes, yes dance with them. And that they'll film it. And that if maybe I get enough support from everybody, they'll gimme that video, so I can rent it out to you (be kind, rewind please)."

This all started because of Harbour's noted track record of Twitter challenges. Last October, California high school student Damaris Fregoso asked the Chief Hopper actor how many retweets it would take for him to pose with her in her senior photos. The Stranger Things star responded that it would take 25,000 retweets -- not to mention he also would want to wear the school sweatshirt and pose with a trombone -- for him to participate. Because the internet loves a good Twitter challenge, Damaris easily hit the requisite retweets and Harbour made good on his promise, prompting another fan to challenge to get the actor to officiate her wedding. The internet made that challenge happen, too, and then Harbour decided to try a challenge of his own. The actor asked Greenpeace what it would take for him to be able go hang out with some emperor penguins and it turned out to be 200,000 tweets in five hours, a goal that prompted Harbour to ask the internet for help.

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Harbour hit his goal in less than five hours earing him his ticket to "hone the Hopper dance" with the penguins, even if some might wonder if Harbour is up for the journey.

"Those who think I don't have the sea legs to cross the Drake Passage, nor the cojones to scare away a rogue fur seal in my way, nor the animal magnetism to attract a group of curious penguins... Look it's not the smart money bet," Harbour continued in his statement. "I mean, I've been known to do stranger things (insert canned laughter here)."

The first two seasons of Stranger Things are currently available on Netflix.

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Stranger ThingsSunday at on Netflix

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