'Halloween' Actor Nervous That New 4K Restoration Could Ruin This One Scene

An all-new 4K restoration of Halloween is now available on home video, which will allow viewers to enjoy the film in the highest quality imaginable. Nick Castle, who played the masked Michael Myers, is concerned that the quality of the new presentation will be so pristine that it could rob audiences of one of his favorite moments featuring a slow reveal of his character.

“I just talked to [director] John [Carpenter] about this and he said he and the cameraman did a viewing of this [restoration],” Castle shared with Bloody Disgusting. “He was impressed with the sharpness. My question would be there is one scene that [director of photography] Dean [Cundey] had a great idea. Near the end, where Michael Myers is in the shadows, he actually dials up the light very, very slowly so that he starts to appear behind [actress] Jamie [Lee Curtis]. It’s right before he tries to either stab her or choke her. And I just wonder if that will be seen too early. That’s, I guess, my one concern, other than the fact that I’d love to see it in this format.”

Castle has a cameo as his character in this year's Halloween, which marks his first return to the franchise since the 1978 original. Other members of the cast and crew participated in various sequels, but, to Castle, being involved in Halloween was merely an opportunity to see how movies were made.

"My only reason for being on the set was to kind of demystify the directing experience for me, because John was a pal, they were shooting the majority of this near my house, really, and he said, 'Well, why don't you just be the guy walking around in the mask and you'll be here the whole time?'" Castle previously shared with ComicBook.com.

In the original film, "On a black and unholy Halloween night years ago, little Michael Myers brutally slaughtered his sister in cold blood. But for the last fifteen years, town residents have rested easy, knowing that he was safely locked away in a mental hospital — until tonight. Tonight, Michael returns to the same quiet neighborhood to relive his grisly murder again...and again...and again. For this is a night of evil. Tonight is Halloween!"

Audiences can enjoy Castle's performance as the villain in the original Halloween with an all-new 4K restoration, available on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack now. The new Halloween hits theaters on October 19th.


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[H/T Bloody Disgusting]