'Halloween' Producer Booed, Physically Removed From Film Festival Stage After Anti-Trump Comments

Excitement for the new Halloween movie was outmatched by political fervor as the 32nd Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles this week. Blumhouse Productions boss Jason Blum was booed off the stage after incising Donald Trump supporters with critical comments of the President during his speech.

Blum was being honored for the 2018 IFF Achievement in Film and TV Award, but was forcibly removed from the stage shortly after his speech began. Some people in the audience reacted audibly with boos and whistles, while other people could be seen approaching the stage.

"The good thing about this country is that you get to like Trump but I don’t have to and I don’t like him," Blum said, before criticizing the president for calling journalists the enemy of the people.

"Thanks to our president, anti-semitism is in the rise," Blum said, which seemed to have prompt organizers to usher the producer off the stage. He was soon cut off on the stage as someone with the festival tried to get the audience back under control.

Blum tried to joke about it afterward, then ended up posting the speech he wanted to give in full on his Twitter account.


All of this news is not outweighing the success of Halloween, which has dominated box offices since it's been released in theaters.

The new movie has already made over $230 million worldwide, making it the most successful entry in the franchise and another hit film for Blumhouse. The film is currently playing in theaters.