IT CHAPTER TWO Projected to Earn More Than $130 Million Opening Weekend

IT CHAPTER TWO doesn't hit theaters for a few more months, but some introductory box office numbers suggest one hell of an opening for the spooky sequel. The team at Boxoffice Magazine suggest the film could end up grossing upwards of $150 million its first weekend in theaters, a total that'd be the highest-ever opening for an R-rated film. The record is currently held be 20th Century Fox's Deadpool at $132.43m while Deadpool 2 is second on the chart at $125.5m. Conveniently enough, the IT remake in 2017 was the third-highest R-rated opening at $123.4m.

"With director Andy Muschietti returning," Boxoffice chief analyst Shawn Robbins writer. "The promise of this being the end of the story, and — perhaps most intriguingly — an ensemble cast with several popular adult actors the likes of Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader taking over their kid counterpart roles, there may arguably be just as much of a “must see” status for Chapter Two as there was for the first film. Perhaps, initially, even more of one."

"As always, long-term playability will come down to word of mouth and how fans feel the story does justice to King’s complete novel once the narrative of both films are completely wrapped," the analyst continues. "Online buzz and social media trends following the first trailer release have been nothing short of positive, which are good indicators that It: Chapter Two not only has a chance to reach $100 million or more in its debut again, but it may have a fair shot at the R-rated benchmark held by the aforementioned Deadpool."

It should be noted that the film is just under two months away and a lot can — or can't, for that matter — happen in the coming weeks in terms of the movie's publicity and advertising campaign. Regardless, it really does seem IT CHAPTER TWO is in for a record-breaking time.

Though IT has the third highest opening weekend, it's the highest-grossing R-rated horror film of all time, finishing its box office run with a domestic haul of $327.48m. It ended up tallying $700.38m worldwide.


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IT CHAPTER TWO is set for release September 6th.