Jessica Lange's Least-Favorite Season of American Horror Story May Surprise You

While there are several actors who have appeared in multiple seasons of FX's American Horror Story there are few more beloved than Jessica Lange. The fan-favorite actress helped start things off in Murder House as Constance Langdon, a woman who would ultimate end up the grandmother of the Anti-Christ himself and has, to date, appeared in a total of five of the series' eight seasons. With that many seasons of the horror anthology series to her credit, it's no surprise Lange has her favorites. What might be a surprise, however, is which one she ranks last on her list.

In a recent interview with Gold Derby (via TV Line), Lang was asked to rank the seasons of American Horror Story that she's appeared in. For reference, Lange has appeared in Murder House (Season 1), Asylum (Season 2), Coven (Season 3), Freak Show (season 4), and Apocalypse (Season 8) and has won Emmy Awards for two of them -- Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Murder House and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Coven. When it came to ranking the seasons, though, Lange dismissed Apocalypse as she hasn't actually seen the season in which she reprised her Murder House role and revealed that Coven is her least favorite season, despite having won an Emmy for her role as Fiona Goode.

"I was stunned that year to get the Emmy for that part," Lange said of the Coven season. "The part was very well-written. I didn't particularly like the whole set up and season and story we were telling. It was not my favorite."

Yes, you read that right. Lange ranked Coven at the bottom of her list. For fans, this could end up being a big surprise as the Coven season is arguably the most popular of the series with her role as the eternal life-obsessed Supreme Fiona also a favorite among fans. However, the low ranking of Coven wasn't the only surprise Lange had in her evaluation of the seasons. Murder House came in third and even Lange's personal favorite season -- Freak Show -- ultimately didn't come out on top. The season Lange ranked as her favorite ended up being Asylum.

"My very favorite, just from the experience of doing it, was Freak Show," Lange said. "Although, I think Asylum was the better season, but I loved Freak Show."


American Horror Story returns for its ninth season, 1984, on Wednesday, September 18th at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

What do you think about Lange's personal rankings of her seasons of American Horror Story? Do you think Coven belongs at the bottom and Asylum belongs at the top? Let us know in the comments below.