Happy Death Day Star Addresses Hopes for Third Film

happy death day jessica rothe
(Photo: Blumhouse Productions)

While there might not be any plans for a third Happy Death Day film at the moment, star Jessica Rothe still hopes she gets to return to the series to complete a planned trilogy, even if it means returning to the series a few decades from now. The unexpected financial and critical success of the initial installment warranted a follow-up film, though 2019's Happy Death Day 2U didn't earn quite the same success as the debut installment, seemingly making a third film unlikely to be developed, yet producer Jason Blum and director Christopher Landon have both expressed that they'd like to complete the journey in any medium available to them.

"I would love if we had the opportunity to complete the trilogy," Rothe shared with ComingSoon. "I know that Chris has it all mapped out in his genius brain, but I also know that we only want to complete it if we get to do it right."

Landon has since gone on to develop a body-swapping horror movie, with a third Happy Death Day not being his top priority, but Rothe would still be happy to return to the franchise no matter how many years might pass.

"I think it’s just a question of seeing if the opportunity for that exists in the world," the actress pointed out. "But the funny thing is I have a feeling whether it’s now or in five years or 10 or 20, if we pull a Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween and Tree comes back as a badass 50-year-old, I know that we will get to tell the rest of the story. I love Tree, I love that character so much and I feel very, very grateful to have been a part of that."

Whatever medium might be explored and no matter how long fans have to wait, Landon has confirmed that the third chapter in the story will surely be told.

"It will be revealed," the filmmaker shared with ComicBook.com about the franchise's plans. "Jason and I didn't want to, we're not those people that want to dick people around and pretend like, 'Oh, we're actually making it guys, hehe, we're just telling you we're not.' No, that's not what's happening. We're making a different movie together. I'm super excited about it, but it's not Happy Death Day 3."

He added, "I can't look into any sort of crystal ball and see what form the third movie will ultimately take. And I know Jessica Rothe feels this way, too, because we've talked about it. It's been very comforting to know that there are a lot of people out there who appreciated the second film and really wanted to see where we were going. We clearly stated at the end of the second movie, we have a direction, we're going somewhere with this. And so I don't know what form it's gonna take, but I will definitely tell that story somehow. If people thought the second movie was batsh-t, then they're not ready for the third story. Because it goes so much more crazy, but in such a fun way. So I'll get it out there somehow."


Stay tuned for details on the Happy Death Day franchise.

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