Scream: New Ghostface Action Figure Inspired by "Controversial" Stab 8 Revealed by NECA

NECA, the toy company that continues to find new ways of getting horror fans' money, has revealed a brand new action figure of Ghosface from the Scream movies but this time with some surprising new additions. As part of their "31 Nights of Frights" reveals this October, NECA has revealed early concept designs for a second Ghostface Ultimates figure, this time including some brand new accessories that will have Scream fans...well, screaming. This new early design for "Ultimate Ghost Face 2.0" includes accessories that will allow fans to not only recreate the character's look from the movie-within-the-movie in 2022's Scream but also their favorite variant from Dead by Daylight.

As the photos reveal, this Ghostface's set of accessories will include four different mask, traditional Ghostface, Bloody Ghostface, Chrome Ghostface, and Devil Ghostface. Those last two are the variants fans are perhaps most excited by, as the Devil Ghostface mask will allow fans to bring the Devil Ghostface from Dead by Daylight to life on their shelves. The Chrome Ghostface mask, coupled with the new figures removable cloak, sleeveless shirt, and flamethrower accessory, will gives Scream fans the chance to make their Ghostface look like the killed in Stab 8, the "controverisla" movie that was at the center of Scream (2022)'s main plot. No release date set just yet but you can check out the photos below!

In this year's Scream sequel, the controversial Stab 8, was largely a parody of internet reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The film's main antagonists were rabid "true" fans of the slasher movie that felt the sequel, directed by none other than Rian Johnson in the movie, was disrespectful to the franchise and needed to be remade. They take this idea into their own hands by creating a series of murders that could inspire a new reboot and get things back on track. 

"I think watching how people attacked him as a person was, oh we're in new territory here," co-writer James Vanderbilt previously told TheWrap. "In 'Scream' 1 they talk about Wes Carpenter movies, in 'Scream 2' they talk about Robert Rodriguez directed Stab. There is a great tradition of commenting on other filmmakers who are peers of the time, and that felt like a very natural thing. Rian directed this big IP that was divisive. We felt like if someone directed the 'Stab' movie and it were divisive, it would be fun if it were Rian."

All five Scream movies are now streaming in one place, available now on Paramount+ for your Spooky Season viewing.