Nick Kroll on Voicing Uncle Fester in The Addams Family 2 and His Live-Action Future

Cartoonist Charles Addams introduced readers to his creepy and kooky "Addams Family" back in the '30s, with the figures having been brought to life in a number of ways over the decades. While there have been multiple live-action adaptations of the figures, the recent The Addams Family films and their animation styles have allowed filmmakers to honor the otherworldly proportions of the figures seen in those original illustrations. Nick Kroll, who voices Uncle Fester in the films, recently confirmed that he's open to helping bring the character into the world of live-action, though he also appreciates how animation allows the source material to be honored more authentically. The Addams Family 2 hits theaters and Premium VOD on October 1st.

"If they wanted to Mark Ruffalo [it] and dot me up [for motion capture], I'd be up for that," Kroll confirmed to "Having spent four hours a day in makeup to do the hit series Cavemen on ABC, I have some PTSD from the makeup chair, but I love playing Fester and I would love to perform this alongside Oscar [Isaac] and Charlize [Theron] and Chloë [Grace Moretz]. I'd be curious how they'd have Snoop Dogg in the live-action version, but Snoop seems to be down to do the work ... And that's the beauty of animation. You can be anywhere and do it and not have to be in 10 hours of makeup a day, prosthetics, a big suit, and a bald cap. Playing Uncle Fester has been a joy and, as you mention, has such a long history, franchise, to be a part of it feels pretty awesome."

The new film is described, "Everyone's favorite spooky family is back in the animated comedy sequel, The Addams Family 2. In this all-new movie we find Morticia and Gomez distraught that their children are growing up, skipping family dinners, and totally consumed with 'scream time.' To reclaim their bond they decide to cram Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and the crew into their haunted camper and hit the road for one last miserable family vacation. Their adventure across America takes them out of their element and into hilarious run-ins with their iconic cousin, IT, as well as many new kooky characters. What could possibly go wrong?"

Kroll might most be known for his comedic projects, though fellow comedian Kumail Nanjiani shocked fans when he unveiled his superheroic physique to star in Marvel's Eternals. While Kroll might not be entirely interested in dedicating an intense fitness regimen to embodying a superhero, taking the necessary steps to achieve Fester's physique might be more enjoyable.

"Doing comic book voices is a lot easier, I can still eat cheeseburgers and fries," the actor pointed out. "And Kumail might have a cheat day along the way, I think he has his cheat days. The voices are easier to do, but maybe to play Uncle Fester, if there was a movie, maybe I wouldn't do prosthetics, I would just allow myself to just get after it like Rob McElhenney did on It's Always Sunny [in Philadelphia], when he was Fat Mac, maybe I would take that approach. I appreciate how Kumail went for it and committed and I might go for it and commit just in the opposite way, just become a big-old round boy like Uncle Fester."


The Addams Family 2 hits theaters and Premium VOD on October 1st. 

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