Bud Light Releases Area 51-Inspired Cans

area 51 bud light
(Photo: Bud Light)

If there’s one thing that the late summer and early fall of 2019 may end up being remembered for, it's going to be the Area 51 raid situation. In July a Facebook event sparked the whole situation with a "plan to "storm" Area 51 to "see them aliens". It soon went viral, ultimately spawning the upcoming Alienstock festival in Las Vegas before the "raid" itself was officially cancelled. Yes, it's been a wild ride, but now alien enthusiasts can get at least reflect on the ride with new, Area 51 raid inspired cans of Bud Light.

As reported by Delish, people in Nevada, Arizona, and California will be able to purchase Area 51-inspired cans of Bud Light beginning today, Saturday, September 13th. The cans are black and green and feature a peace-sign throwing little black alien figure on the cans in honor of the "raid", though we assume now that the raid portion of things itself has been cancelled, enthusiasts can enjoy these alien cans in celebration of Alienstock. According to a Bud Light spokesperson (via Yahoo!) the special can is a way of making good on a previous promise of beer for any alien who showed up.

"The way we see it, we'd much rather people crack open a crisp Bud Light with alien visitors rather than storm Area 51," the statement said. "Nothing says we come in peace like sharing a beer with friends from another place or another galaxy. We promised to have beer waiting for alien that wants it and we plan to deliver on that promise. Our hope is that humans stock up too because you never know when you might need some Bud Lights to welcome intergalactic neighbors."

And, in addition to the special cans, Bud Light is taking the beer goodwill even further with a special alien-themed beer fridge located at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The fridge is stocked with Bud Light available to any alien visitor -- and it has a special lock with "an alien finger scan" to make sure that only the extraterrestrials can partake. The fridge will be installed at the Luxor now through September 20th.

The Las Vegas location for the special Bud Light fridge is a fitting one as that's where the Alienstock festival born out of the "raid" is set to take place September 19th and 20th at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. With Alienstock happening in a place much more equipped to handle the anticipated crowd the "raid" of Area 51 itself has officially been cancelled.

Matty Roberts, who started the whole thing as a joke on Facebook, the Las Vegas Review-Journal recently that the cancellation of festivities outside of the actual Area 51 location is a huge relief.


"It's a fantastic relief," Roberts said. "I've had a lot of concerns leading up to Alienstock. Just to see all those come to a head 11 days before the event is kind of a relief."

What do you think about the special Area 51 Bud Light cans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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