Booster Gold's Creator Responds to Having An Alpaca Named After the Character

An alpaca farm in the United Kingdom, Barnacre Alpacas, took to Twitter today to introduce the world to Booster Gold, an alpaca whose mother was named Wonder Woman. The animal has already been reserved, so there's no chance of you getting your hands on The Greatest Alpaca You've Never Heard Of, but in case it wasn't enough fun just to know that there's somebody out there who named such an animal after Michael Jon Carter, the character's creator -- writer and artist Dan Jurgens -- chimed in to give the name his blessing.

Booster Gold, created by writer/artist Dan Jurgens and one of the first DC heroes to emerge following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, hailed from the 25th Century, where he was kicked off his college football team as a result of a gambling scandal. Lacking other options, he becomes a security guard at a museum -- one that has a life-changing array of exhibits celebrating the "heroic age" of the late 20th Century.

We're guessing that the alpaca has very little of the same backstory, although if anybody wants to illustrate that, we encourage it.

You can check it out below.

Once in the past, Booster convinced people that he had powers, rather than just a fancy set of tech, and used a security droid he stole from the hospital to provide him with intel on the past. He became a publicity-seeking superhero, determined to have the financial success as a hero that was denied him as a football player. That drive for recognition often created friction between Booster and other superheroes with more mainstream attitudes, but he was eventually welcomed into the costumed crimefighter community when, after a few years on his own, Maxwell Lord invited him to be a part of the Justice League. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Batman, Shazam, Black Canary, and Martian Manhunter, Booster struck up a years-long friendship with Blue Beetle, who would become his most regular partner in heroics as well as childish pranks.


Years later, when he got his own solo series again, fans would learn that Booster Gold was a Time Master, working secretly behind the scenes while still presenting publicly as a glory-seeking clod, as a cover to prevent time-travleing villains from perceiving him as a threat and trying to kill him as a baby or something.

His son, it would turn out, was Rip Hunter, the inventor of the Time Sphere Booster stole to go back in time, become a hero, and ultimately father a son, in a cause-and-effect loop worthy of Bill and Ted.