Burger King Is Testing a Sandwich With Nothing But French Fries

If you've ever wanted a french fry-filled burger, you're in luck — that's exactly what Burger [...]

burger king french fry sandwich
(Photo: Burger King NZ)

If you've ever wanted a french fry-filled burger, you're in luck — that's exactly what Burger King has down in its stores in New Zealand. Carrying a striking resemblance to England's fabled Chip Butty dish, Burger King's version of the sandwich comes with the fast-food joint's iconic french fries sandwiched between their typical sesame seed bun. The fries are also sandwiched between globs of ketchup and mayonnaise.

The chain offered a similar dish in the United States back in 2013. That time around, the sandwich also came with a chargrilled hamburger patty and Burger King's traditional burger toppings like lettuce and mayo. The sandwiches are now available at participating New Zealand locations, carrying a price tag of NZ$2 as a part of the company's Change Range menu, roughly equivalent to $1.29 stateside.

The team at the New Zealand-based The Spinoff offered their reviews on the new sammie, with reviews splitting down the middle just about. "Honestly, I thought this butty was kind of great," The Spinoff's Alex Casey writes. "It had a good amount of mayo and sauce and a cross-section revealed an evenly distributed amount of chips. But, for me, the timing was all wrong. It should be a private meal, a secret meal, and probably a drunk meal. There's also the tension that Big Burger is now in on our yucky joke, which makes me kind of sad. It would be like if they started serving sundaes with fries already dipped in, ya know?"

Madeleine Chapman had a contrasting thought, opining the sandwich isn't even something that deserves to exist. "There's no such thing as a bad idea unless the idea is to ask people to pay for a few fries inside a bun with a splash of ketchup and mayonnaise," Chapman adds. "Burger King, what are you doing? Adding sides to a burger has worked well in the past. The Rodeo is a near perfect burger thanks to the addition of onion rings to a BBQ cheeseburger. This isn't that. A side (like fries or onion rings) can elevate a burger. But there has to be a burger to elevate. Fries in an empty bun is two dry carbs pretending to be something of substance or flavour. Yes, $2 is cheap for a piece of food. But it's a high price to pay for something that shouldn't exist. "