Coca-Cola Honors Everyday Heroes for 100th Holiday Season

For the hundredth straight year, Coca-Cola is unveiling special bottles for the holiday season. With the type of the year 2020 has been, the soda company has decided to take a special approach to the bottles this year as they've chosen to honor everyday heroes with this year's designs. Beginning December 2nd and lasting through all of the holidays, Coke drinkers can get special designs that they're then encouraged to share with one of the aforementioned heroes.

Riffing on the company's #ShareACoke promotion, over 40 new labels have been created, asking Coke drinkers to share a beverage with people like doctors, educators, caregivers, and the like.

The campaign is also being launched with a hope-filled commercial directed by Thor: Ragnarok helmer Taika Waititi. You can see that commercial above. Also included in the promotion is celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, who's joined the project to give back to his own personal hero.

“While the holidays this year will be unlike ever before, it’s a moment to celebrate the people who have gone above and beyond, through a shared moment of joy. Personally, I’m especially grateful for Anissa Sherard, a friend and server at Red Rooster Harlem, who has been an inspiration in so many ways," Samuelsson said in a statement released Wednesday morning. "Despite being affected by pandemic closures, Anissa volunteered to bring meals to people experiencing food insecurities, essential workers, and the elderly throughout the Harlem community - a selfless act."


He added, "That inspiration is at the heart of what Coca-Cola embodies, especially during the holidays, and why I’m grateful to partner with them this year. Please join me and Coca-Cola in celebrating and thanking a special hero in your life this holiday season. Coke’s iconic Share a Coke bottles will transform into special dedications to heroes - a special way to say “thank you” to heroes like Anissa who showed up for their friends, family and communities in 2020.”

In addition to the 40 new monikers dedicated to everyday heroes, Coke fans can also customize bottles of the beverage online at