Dave Grohl's Superhero Theme Song for 10-Year-Old Drummer Nandi Bushell Goes Viral

Over the years, superhero theme songs have ranged from truly epic to legitimately unforgettable, with extraordinary characters getting their own musical tributes. The latest - and arguably most wholesome - example recently entered the fray, thanks to Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl. Grohl recently took to Twitter to share a musical tribute to Nandi Bushell, a ten-year-old drummer whose videos have gone viral over the past few weeks. The pair sparked an Internet friendship after Bushell challenged Grohl to a drum-off, and mentioned that her dream was to jam with all of the Foo Fighters.

"Every superhero needs a theme song. Here's one for you!" Grohl writes in the video's caption, before offering "mad props" to his daughters, Violet, Ophelia, and Harper for contributing the background vocals. The song sees Grohl calling Bushell the "Queen of Rock and Roll", and challenging her to recreate the song herself.

Bushell has already posted a YouTube video of herself reacting to the song, and it's safe to safe that she seems enthusiastic about the original track.

"I cant believe DAVE GROHL actually wrote a song about me," Bushell writes in the caption. "This is so so so EPIC!!!! I think its the best song EVER, in the WORLD, EVER!!! Thank you so much Dave. You have raised the stakes to all instruments! I accept your next challenge! Thank you to the whole Grohl family! I love you all so much!"

Bushell's virtual friendship with Grohl began last month, when she challenged Grohl to a drum-off after covering Foo Fighters' Everlong. Grohl then responded with a video of him performing "Dead End Friends" by Them Crooked Vultures, which Bushell proceeded to match beat-by-beat in a follow-up video.


The young drummer also previously performed on Ellen, and received praise from both Tom Morello and Kirk Hammet for covering their songs.

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