Las Vegas Company in Talks to Bring Dean Martin Back as Hologram

Sin City is trying to bring back Dean Martin. The only problem there — the singer who helped launch the Vegas-based Rat Pack died in 1995. According to the singer's daughter Deana, 71, she's been in contact with a Vegas-based company that's looking to use cutting-edge hologram technology to reform the Rat Pack — including Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis, Jr., amongst others — as early as next year. In a chat with the UK-based PA Media, Deana revealed she's all on-board with the idea of bringing performers, in a sense, back to life with the use of hologram technology. The aforementioned tech's biggest use to date came during Coachella in 2012 when a hologram of Tupac Shakur performed a song alongside Snoop and Diddy.

Deana, a musician and actor in her own right, says it'd be a good way for fans of the performers to see their favorites in concert again. “It’s good. I have no idea how they do it," she tells the PA (via the Belfast Telegraph). "And I may be doing something like that next year, hopefully with him, which could be fun so I could do duets with him.”

“Anything that would bring the people we love back so we could see them and experience that," Deana adds. "Because there are so many huge Dean Martin fans who never got to see him live: kids, so many teenagers who just love him because their parents were smart enough to introduce them to him.”

Outside of Shakur's hologram appearance nearly a decade ago, Alex Orbison — the son of Roy Orbison and president of Roy Orbison Music — launched a full-length tour featuring a hologram of his father last year. A similar tour was planned for this year featuring the late Amy Winehouse, though that was eventually scrapped due to ethical concerns around the technology.

Cover photo by PoPsie Randolph/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images