Disney Family Turns Living Room into Splash Mountain and Other Rides

With both Disneyland and Walt Disney World shut down for the foreseeable future, families can't take their usual vacations to the happiest destinations on Earth. However, with all the time they've got at home, some parents are getting innovative and bringing the magic of Disney to their living room. The Barenz family in Farmington, Utah, used some videos of Disney rides online to give their kids a day in the park.

In a video posted to Reddit by the family's mother, Lara, the father of the Barenz family puts their five-year-old son in a box on his lap, right in front of a television playing a POV ride-through of Disney's Splash Mountain. When the ride hits the water at the end, the kid was sprayed with mist from a water bottle, giving him the full experience.

When you can’t go to Disneyland...thanks for the idea Reddit! from r/Disneyland

While speaking with POPSUGAR about the videos, Lara said the kids had "ridden" more than just Splash Mountain. During their time stuck at home, the kids have also experienced rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Frozen Ever After.


"My husband had seen something like this on Reddit with just a regular roller coaster and so he decided to re-create it with Disney rides as a way to cheer us all up," Barenz told POPSUGAR. "We all are huge Disney fans and were supposed to go to Disneyland at the beginning of the month before it shut down. We decided to cancel because of the way things were headed. This went on for quite some time with several different rides over a couple days . . . a great way to entertain [the kids] for a while when there isn't much else to do. Although, maybe a bit tiring for my husband."

Travel right now is pretty impossible, especially when you have an entire family. But folks like the Barenz's are making sure that they have fun, even while stuck at home.

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