Disney World Announces New Musical Show Coming in 2022

A new version of Finding Nemo: The Musical is coming to Animal Kingdom in 2022. Yesterday, ComicBook.com reported on the cancellation of Animal Kingdom's Finding Nemo: The Musical, which was then confirmed by various cast members posting remembrances of the award-winning show on their respective social media pages. Today, Disney Parks announced that they would be releasing a new, updated version of the musical beginning next year. "Although our Disney Live Entertainment team is still in the early stages of development for the show, the musical retelling of this underwater tale of family, friendship and kindness will feature new story material, as well as fan favorite songs such as 'In the Big Blue World' and 'Go with the Flow,'"  Senior Communications Manager for Disney Live Entertainment Shawn Slater wrote in a blog post about the announcement. 

Walt Disney World News Today reported that current cast members were informed that the show was discontinued, so the show will likely feature a brand new cast and a new set. No opening date for the new version of Finding Nemo: The Musical was announced. 

This announcement should squash speculation over the possibility of wholesale changes coming to Animal Kingdom. Earlier this year, ComicBook.com reported on the potential demolition of Primeval Whirl, a roller coaster located in DinoLand USA. As the Theater in the Wild, the location of Finding Nemo: The Musical, was located adjacent to Primeval Whirl, many fans wondered if Disney Parks was clearing space for some sort of new attraction at Animal Kingdom. Obviously, things could be in the works, but Disney doesn't seem to be clearing out a lot of ground at the moment. 


Animal Kingdom is currently in a state of flux as Walt Disney World Resort begins its celebration of its 50th anniversary. In addition to the closure of Finding Nemo: The Musical and Primeval Whirl, Disney Parks also announced that Expedition Everest would have an extended shutdown in early 2022 to allow for refurbishment. The park will also debut a new show attraction titled KiteTails on October 1st that features large kites of various Disney characters.