Donald Trump Says He'll Look Into Joe Exotic Pardon After Reporter Asks About Tiger King

A strange week gets stranger as United States President Donald Trump was asked about pardoning Tiger King star Joe Exotic. For those unaware right now, the world is in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, but that wouldn’t stop Steven Nelson of the New York Post couldn’t resist asking the president about the possibility of pardoning the Internet’s favorite celebrity of the moment. After briefing Trump on the conversation with his son about the cult figure, the man taking the questions decided to weigh in on the matter.

Trump asked which son had asked about the Tiger King star, correctly guessing that it was Don Jr. And then asked Nelson what the star was sitting on a 22-year sentence for. Nelson clarified, “he’s allegedly in jail for hiring someone to kill an animal rights activist. But he said that he did not do that.” The President countered with a question of, “Do you think he did it? Are you on his side?” Trump got a little playful with Nelson asking him about “if he recommends a pardon?” Rightfully, the President is right to say that he cannot recommend that kind of action without risking his status as a journalist.

For those hankering for more Tiger King, you’re in luck. Netflix has a new episode that’s supposed to be heading to the platform this week. That news came from one of the most unlikely sources in Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The third baseman had a video on Twitter over the weekend that featured Jeff Lowe from the show. They told Tiger King fans that more was absolutely on the way and as soon as this week. Although, when asked about Season 2 of the hit series, Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin had other things on their minds.

Chaiklin told THR, “I say most of our thoughts right now are toward people’s safety and health and their importance of people staying home. These are things that are still unfolding and we’re thinking about it, but it’s kind of hard to say.” Goode joked that they were going to make a sequel called “Locked Up with Joe.”

“I think that it’s a very uncertain time and people want an escape, and this is a world that very few people knew existed, inhabited by some very colorful, charismatic characters,” she added. “And so hopefully it provides some relief for people from the anxiety around what’s transpiring around us.”


Things have been weird the last few weeks, and it only stands to get weirder. Tiger King is streaming on Netflix right now.

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