Snoop Dogg Escapes to His Car to Destress to "Let It Go" From Frozen During Quarantine

Snoop Dogg took a second to escape in his car and listen to “Let it Go” from Frozen to destress. The quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic is driving a lot of people up the wall and Snoop is no exception. The Doggfather just wanted to take it easy for a second and listen to the modern Disney classic. Who among us hasn’t dipped out to the car for a moment of zen as different things around the house make your blood boil? The Internet seemed to agree as many decided that this was absolutely normal behavior these days. Keeping that stress in check is absolutely essential now more than ever, things are wild out there, and if that means you gotta go listen to Frozen for a minute and collect yourself, go right ahead.

Before Frozen 2 released, Josh Gad stirred up some fan excitement by arguing that the new film had better songs than the first one. It’s no secret that Frozen had a bunch of amazing songs. Let it Go is the sort of belter that lives on in parents’ minds forever now that the movie has been out.

"Can I just say something outrageous? I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to say this, but can I just say I think the songs are even better in this movie. Now I’ve set the bar so high, but they are so good. Bobby Lopez and Kristin Lopez, who wrote the original, they came back and did songs that are just [phenomenal]. That’s the big concern. How do you top those [Frozen] songs? They're even catchier, I’m sorry to say," Gad told Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show.’s Charlie Ridgely reviewed Frozen 2 last year. He decided it was charming, but not the instant classic the first film ended up being.

“The first Frozen movie, a record-breaking phenomenon for Disney Animation, will forever be remembered by Idina Menzel's adventurous ballad, "Let it Go". The song was, and in many ways still is, a massive hit, so of course the long-awaited sequel comes with a similarly ambitious follow-up anthem,” he argued. “”Into the Unknown" is a great song in its own right, and does well to set up the story of Frozen 2, much like its predecessor did for the original film. The problem with Frozen 2, however, is that it doesn't really follow the advice of its anthem, spending the majority of its time treading safe waters in an effort to recreate the magic of Frozen.”


Ridgely continued, “Frozen 2 is a tale of two halves. Fortunately for everyone, the better of those two halves comes second and leaves you feeling mostly fulfilled when walking out of the theater. None of it is nearly as warm or magical as the original Frozen, but there's a certain charm to be found in the bold and dark adventure late in the film that still makes it worth the journey.”

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