Hilary Duff in Quarantine After Being Exposed to COVID-19

Hilary Duff has headed into quarantine. The pregnant Lizzie McGuire alumnus revealed in an Instagram post Saturday morning she'll be quarantining after being exposed to a positive COVID-19 case. Duff revealed Saturday is the second day of her quarantine, before sharing with fans she's reading Cazzie David's No One Asked for This: The Essays.

Duff is expecting her third child, the second with husband Matthew Koma. "Exposed to covid. Quarantine day 2. Fml," Duff shared on her Story. She then followed it up with a third picture of a Facetime conversation with her husband and daughter.

The actor was previously filming her part on the seventh season of TV Land'sYounger. Earlier this year, ViacomCBS announced Duff's character would receive her own spinoff at one point or another. She was also expected to portray a grown McGuire in a new Disney+ series, though that's since been temporarily shelved due to creative differences between Duff, showrunner Terry Minsky, and the streamer.

"I am so proud of the two episodes we did," Minsky previously told Variety. "Hilary has a grasp of Lizzie McGuire at 30 that needs to be seen. It's a wonderful thing to watch. I would love the show to exist, but ideally I would love it if it could be given that treatment of going to Hulu and doing the show that we were doing. That's the part where I am completely in the dark. It's important to me that this show was important to people. I felt like I wanted to do a show that was worthy of that kind of devotion."

Disney+ has since confirmed the relaunch hasn't be canceled; rather, it's currently in a stage of redevelopment.

"Lizzie is turning 30, and for me, you know she was everybody's best friend, and she was there for such pivotal moments in their pre-teen life, and entering your 30s is an extremely big deal and I think it's just the right time for her to step back in and to have her go along with you in your 30s," Duff said about the show in a Cosmpolitan interview earlier this year. "All of the fun times and all of the big monumental moments and all of the challenges you are faced with. I just thought that there was such opportunity there for her to be grown up and for her to be there for women again."


"Her career at the start of the show is an apprentice to a fancy New York decorator," she continued. "You know we toyed around with her being like a fashion designer because obviously that was a big part of the show and I'm like 'I think that's too obvious you know', so she has a few really cool quirks and her job is really cool but she still hasn't totally found her way and that's going to be a part of the journey."

Cover photo by James Devaney/GC Images