Home Depot Giant Skeletons Are Being Stolen

People are making off with those giant skeletons from Home Depot. On the Internet, the 12-foot lawn decorations are very popular. This year, there was some real fervor surrounding the release of the skeletons. KXAN in Austin said that there was some drama with Grazia Ruskin's celebrated "Skelly" getting stolen. (While some outlets are approaching this as a "crime" story, more likely, there are people just causing some holiday mischief. Kids have been vandalizing Halloween decorations for literally forever. Also, due to the Home Depot lawn decorations being so popular on social media, its reasonable to assume that people could be enticed to get a quick buck by nabbing one.) At any rate, the Austin resident wasn't thrilled about discovering a missing skeleton one afternoon.

"It is 'just a Halloween decoration,'" Ruskin offered. "But somebody invaded our space and they took [her] property, and that's not okay with me."

"The person that took this, maybe that $50 would go a long way in helping clear their conscience and, you know, pointing us in the right direction," she added. "If somebody is struggling to a point that their desperation leads them to stealing a Halloween decoration….we would come together, you don't have to steal from us."

Over in New Jersey, Shannon McKibban told FOX 29 that their lawn decoration was discovered missing as well. "It was something that made people smile people drove by our house to look at it constantly," McKibban said. "I would like to see them have to at least do community service. I don't care if i get money back or not i just want them to be held responsible for being reckless."

How Did Home Depot Come Up With These Skeletons

"We have a small group on our Holiday Team that strategizes and collaborates on new items," Decorative Holiday Merchant Lance Allen told ComicBook.com last year. "The 12-foot skeleton came to life after we were inspired by larger-than-life items walking trade shows and haunted houses. I still remember stating that it needs to be as large as two grown men standing on top of each other and just watching our engineer's mouth drop, trying to figure out that challenge."

He continued, "The 12-foot skeleton was actually one of our easier pieces to design because the blueprint was a human skeleton. The first version was anatomically correct, but we did have to modify it because the scaling didn't look right on a piece that large."

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