Hugh Jackman Asks a Question Almost Everyone Can Relate To in 2020

There are a lot of things that have become normal in 2020. Social distancing is one. Wearing masks and other types of facial coverings in public is another. Working from home and doing pretty much everything over Zoom or some other sort of video conference interface has also become a pretty normal thing this year and now, Hugh Jackman is asking a question that is extremely relatable for almost anyone in this wild ride of a year: "can you hear me okay?"

On Twitter, Jackman shared a short clip of himself getting set up for some sort of video call, asking what might be 2020's most popular question as he works to ensure the person on the other end of things can hear him clearly. He captioned it by asking if the question is as universal as he thinks it is.

"Working from home .... Wondering if you ask this question as often as I do? #CanYouHearMe," he wrote.

Jackman has been sharing quite a few photos in recent months documenting his life and his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic for fans and followers alike. Last month, Jackman shared a photo of himself with Ryan Reynolds, both of them masked up in the behind the scenes look at the commercial they made for Sam's Club to promote their respective beverage companies as well as support a good cause. Prior to that, Jackman also shared a photo of himself in a mask for his Laughing Man Coffee Company, both encouraging people to mask up but also promoting the company. The Laughing Man Foundation supports coffee farming communities by "investing in programs that lead the way for health, growth, and success for coffee farmers and their families."

While it's not clear what sort of call Jackman was preparing for, prior to the pandemic the entertainer was supposed to be very busy during this time of year. The actor was scheduled to star in The Music Man on Broadway with previews beginning in September and officially opening on October 15th. All Broadway performances have been pushed back until next year, and The Music Man is currently expected to begin previews in April (for now). When the latest delay was announced, Jackman wrote, “When Broadway is ready for us ... we’ll be ready for you!"

And Jackman isn't the only celebrity giving followers a glimpse at what working from home looks like for them. Supernatural star Jared Padalecki recently shared a set of work from home photos to his Instagram that any parent trying to juggle the office and home life in 2020 can relate to. In the photos, one of Padalecki's three children attempt to decorate him for Thanksgiving while he goes over scripts.


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Photo: Dia Dipasupil/WireImage