Kobe Bryant Tribute Jersey Design Allegedly Stolen From Boss Logic

Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing a week ago is still being mourned by millions of fans across the world. Now, some drama has risen around BossLogic’s heartfelt tribute to the fallen Lakers star and shady merchandise. Jersey Champs announces some memorial jerseys for Bryant on their Twitter account. The proceeds were supposed to be going to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, but the story gets a little strange from there. Upon inspection, the art on the front right chest of the jersey is BossLogic’s tribute piece. Many people on Twitter were asking if the store got his permission to sell the gear from the artist. They argued that they had gotten permission, but BossLogic absolutely disagrees with that claim. He responded to the tweet himself with a flat denial and now there’s a bunch of drama brewing in the replies.

The artist crafted a couple of tributes to the NBA legend over the weekend with a lot of heartfelt messages along with his post on Instagram. BossLogic’s first one was made to commemorate LeBron James passing Kobe Bryant on the all-time scoring list. Little did he know that the Lakers star would be gone just hours after the post went up.

BossLogic wrote, “Feels like I got punched in the gut, waking up to this news felt like a bad dream, I feel like I lost someone close to me, it actually hurts.Rest in peace to everyone on that helicopter. Condolences to all the families, wish we can all go back to yesterday and fix this.... Life is just a light switch, so quick to turn off.”

He explained on Twitter that his brother thought it looked like a tribute for someone who died and then noted the tragedy in that moment.

“Yesterday I made this, I showed it to my brother and he loved it but he said it looked like a passing away piece while at the same time a tribute to the passing the points. I laughed it off saying no one will think that. Now I can't look at it without tearing up. Rip

But, BossLogic doesn’t want a legal battle or anything like that. He just wants to make sure that Bryant’s foundation gets all the proceeds because he doesn’t want this to drag out or lose focus of the tragedy that created this circumstance.


He wrote, “But listen. I'm not going to so anything about this, I don't want to drag out something like this overshadowing what it's about. You said all the money goes to Kobe's foundation. Please make sure that happens.”

(Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)