Loot Crate Supports Autism Awareness Month With a 'Sensory Crate' Featuring Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears

April is World Autism month, and in order to raise awareness and support Autism Speaks, Loot Crate [...]

April is World Autism month, and in order to raise awareness and support Autism Speaks, Loot Crate is developing a special Loot Launcher exclusive designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum. The new Loot Launcher, called the Sensory Crate, is filled with high-sensory toys and accessories for children with autism, with all proceeds benefiting Autism Speaks. These toys are designed to provide sensory stimulation to children who are hyper-sensitive, or hypo-sensitive, to sights, sounds, touch, and other stimuli.

This new crate features products from quite a few beloved TV shows, including Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Powerpuff Girls, and We Bare Bears. The money of these crates is being raise now, with shipping scheduled for Fall 2020. In order to get complete the project, Loot will need at least 2,000 backers. The Sensory Crate will cost $45.00 plus shipping and handling

"Loot is proud to partner with Autism Speaks during World Autism Month for this one-of-a-kind Sensory Crate," said The Loot Company owner Joel Weinshanker. "This cause is very important to me, especially during this time of uncertainty. Despite the global crisis we face ourselves in, I'm thrilled that together we are finding new and creative ways to stay connected to the ones we love."

"During this time of uncertainty, we remain committed to the spirit of World Autism Month and sharing support, kindness and compassion," said Val Paradiz, Ph.D., vice president of services and support at Autism Speaks. "We are so appreciative that Loot Crate shares our dedication to our community, as we continue to provide resources that will help everyone on the spectrum feel supported during these unprecedented times."

If you want to back the project and order a crate, you must do so by April 30th. If the goal of 2,000 crates isn't met by then, you won't be charged. You can click here to purchase a crate and find more information. Take a look at some promo photos from the Sensory Crate below!

loot crate steven universe
(Photo: Cartoon Network)
loot crate powerpuff girls
(Photo: Cartoon Network)
loot crate we bare bears
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loot crate adventure time
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loot crate autism speaks
(Photo: Loot Crate)