Taco Bell Is Making the Restaurant of the Future

In a world where most consumers are hesitant of sitting crammed indoors for extending periods of time, Taco Bell is hard at work creating something they feel is the future of the franchise. This week, the fan-favorite fast-food joint unveiled plans to eventually create a new restaurant called Taco Bell Go Mobile. The new style will place a heavy emphasis on drive-thru ordering all while pointing hungry people to the new Taco Bell phone app to order ahead.

In addition to having two drive-thru lanes open at each Taco Bell Go Mobile, the new style of the restaurant will also include contactless curbside pick-up and "bellhops," that bring tablets out to your car to place your order. According to a release distributed by the company, the first Go Mobile experience isn't expected to open until the first part of next year and it's not immediately known where the location will be.

"With demand for our drive-thru at an all-time high, we know adapting to meet our consumers' rapidly changing needs has never been more important," Taco Bell President Mike Grams says in the press release. "The Taco Bell Go Mobile restaurant concept is not only an evolved physical footprint, but a completely synchronized digital experience centered around streamlining guest access points. For the first time, our guests will have the ability to choose the pick-up experience that best fits their needs, all while never leaving the comfort of their cars."


The entire list of upgrades, as the company says, can be found below.

  • Minimization: Taco Bell Go Mobile locations house several new digital advancements, all within 1,325 square feet -- a much smaller footprint compared to the average 2,500 square foot Taco Bell restaurant.
  • Dual Drive-Thru: The new concepts will have two drive-thru lanes including a new priority pick-up lane with rapid service for customers who order via the Taco Bell app. This new lane will supplement the existing, traditional lane.
  • Curbside Pick-Up: Taco Bell Go Mobile customers also have the option to receive their order via contactless curbside pick-up, another convenient alternative that modern consumers are looking for.
  • Bellhops: To streamline guests' experiences even further, Taco Bell Go Mobile will also include tablet ordering in drive-thrus and curbside pickup, both of which will be operated by a concierge service of team members, known as "bellhops."